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Workers' Compensation in Nashua, New Hampshire

Fight for the money you deserve when you are injured on the job with workers' compensation representation from our attorneys in Nashua, New Hampshire. At Connors Law Offices, we explain the process so that you know exactly what is happening.

The Theory

The premise of the workers' compensation system is relatively simple: If injured at work you are entitled to certain benefits regardless of fault.

That is, regardless of the negligence of the employer or employee. The purpose is to provide relatively quick benefits to the injured worker without the need to sue or prove the employer caused the injury.

Factory Worker, Workers Compensation in Nashua, NH

Many work injuries are pure accidents where no one is at fault. In return, the employer is generally immune from suit or paying any other damages. The benefits, however, are limited.

In some cases the injured employee may be able to sue some other party (someone other than his employer or co-employees) for causing his/her injury. In those cases, the injured worker would have both a worker's compensation case as well as a third party negligence action.

Since benefits are limited (see below under benefits), it is important to determine if some other party may also be responsible. The most common third party actions involve defective machines, auto/truck accidents or injuries occurring off the employer premises.

Worker's compensation does not fully compensate an injured worker; there are no payments for damages such as pain and suffering, inability to enjoy or partake in hobbies, home activities or chores, nor does workers' compensation replace all of one's lost wages (worker's compensation pays sixty percent, not one-hundred percent).

Therefore, it is critical to ensure an injured worker receives every single one of the benefits to which he/she is entitled, as well as investigate the potential of other claims or sources of recovery.

Workers' Compensation Benefits

Whether you are injured in New Hampshire or Massachusetts, you receive four basic benefits although the benefits differ in some respects.

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